Friday, 7 January 2011

Jewel in the crown

The 2nd January saw the start of our event year; a guided walk around Loe Pool to visit a few of the wintering birds at Penrose.

Redwing were feeding from the hedgerows as we made our way down from Degibna Chapel to the edge of Loe Pool which was calm and still like a mill pond.

A croaking Heron passed, and Water Rails called from the reeds. Across the Pool Pochard, Tufted Duck, Goosander, Goldeneye, Little Grebe and good views of a very active Little Egret. As we continued our walk our in front of us came a group of Gulls and a chance to use our I.D. skills. Adult Mediterranean Gull with Black-Headed  and Herring Gulls.We made our way through  Degibna wood passing roosting Cormorants in the trees and out of the wood towards Lower Pentire Great Creasted Grebe and an unusual Long-Tailed Duck a rarity in these parts which seemed to spend more time under the water than above it. As we came into Carminowe Creek we were lucky enough to see the Silver plumage of Drake Gadwell. Coming to the end of a great birding morning we were not to be disappointed as the stars of the show were two stunning Firecrest's which finished a great  mornings walk.

                                                                 Jewel in the crown

Steve and Dave

Wintering Bittern at Loe Pool

Bittern flying. 
We've been lucky enough to have another good winter for Bittern at Loe pool. This year we first saw them in November and then two on the 21st December.

On the afternoon of the 24th December there were three very active birds at the north end of Loe Pool.

Enjoyed by passing joggers, walkers and birders, this opportunity to see these secretive birds was probably due to the cold weather conditions. The best chance to see Bittern is early morning or late afternoon looking from the Degibna side of the Pool.
This area of Loe Pool provides a good habitat for wintering Bittern with reeds, willow carr and open shallow water giving cover and food.

Spot the Bittern...

We will continue to post sightings of these rare and secretive birds, if you catch one please let us know.




Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Festive Yule Logs and Christmas Choughs

15 kids joined us just before Christmas for our annual fun festive workshop at Poltesco. Yule logs were decorated with holly and ivy, and candles rolled by hand from beeswax sheets. The glitter was out in force when it came to making Christmas cards and gift bags.

Cat and Danielle from the RSPB joined us to make festive Santa hat wearing chough peg badges. Move over Robins, we've a new favourite Christmas bird!

Everyone had great fun, and went home with lots of gifts and decorations. Unlike most of the country, we had to resort to fake snow to add the finishing touches to our Yule logs!

Rachel and Justin

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