Thursday, 8 December 2011

Local lads muck-in to improve access at Penrose

On Wednesday this week a group of Helston Community College students arrived at Penrose with a mission; continue their fantastic work upgrading the pathways, to allow access particularly for Motorbility Scooters, pushchairs and prams.

The boys, who were supervised and led by officers from RNAS Culdrose, Lt Neil Laing and Firefighter Mark Skinner, were members of the Phoenix Project, a partnership between Helston College, Culdrose and the National Trust, which enables students to learn the value of contributing to the community.

This week the boys were continuing the work to dig out and lay a wheelchair grade path, to allow users to reach parts of Penrose that were previously inaccesssible.
Karen Harvey, Student Support Officer with the college, was really pleased with the progress made by the boys.    " They have come on in leaps and bounds since they started working with the Trust so its a project that benefits us all".

The boys will continue working on the path after Christmas and will also be working to restore a pond and build a bench.


Monday, 5 December 2011

conservation capers on the cober

For some weeks now, walkers along a
popular stretch of the river cober at
penrose have had to 'mind the gap'.

This is because several sections of the river bank footpath have badly eroded, creating large holes that pose a problem for walkers, cyclists, wheelchair and pushchair users.

To overcome this problem a hardy team of volunteers and staff, braved the drizzle and armed only with bowsaws, billhooks and packets of biscuits they constructed living willow fences, designed to prevent unplanned swimming lessons and to look beautiful.

In time, it is hoped that the planted willow posts will take root and stabilise the riverbank.


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Working with our Ambassador Businesses

For the past year or so we've been working with a couple of local activity providers to offer more for our visitors to enjoy on the Lizard. We are pleased to announce that we are going to continue working closely with Lizard Adventure and the Dan Joel Surf School in 2012 as our Ambassador Businesses. 

Being an Ambassador Business means we work together to provide exciting joint events and educational experiences as well as the thrill of trying something new and exciting as we encourage more people to love the outdoors like we do. We aim to teach people through our ambassador businesses about the coast and countryside and the work we do to keep it so special. We also try and raise awareness of conservation issues and subjects like beach litter through local community events and working with school groups. 

JP from Lizard Adventure says:

"Firstly, let me just say that it is a privilege to be an ambassador business for the National Trust.

The values for Lizard Adventure are such that we aim for a long term sustainable future with sustainable growth though delivery of a high quality guided experiences.  This can only be done through working with the National Trust who share similar values.

When we meet and greet our clients we inform them of this relationship.  It adds value to their experience as they understand that they are able to enjoy their guided experience more easily in areas that they may not normally have access to.  They also smile when they get told that part of what they pay us goes back to the National Trust in order to support preservation and maintenance of these special places."

Dan Joel says: 

"I am extremely excited to now be working with the National Trust in a professional capacity with the running of my Surf School business. 2012 will be the second year of working together to allow the general public to experience the thrills of surfing in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment to the beautiful backdrop of Poldhu beach. To be working at such a wonderful location, and indroducing the sport which I am so passionate about to people means a lot to me and I struggle to think of a more satisfying vocation. 

Having been a National Trust surf ambassador for several years, I am very aware of the excellent work the National Trust does to help preserve and protect the coastline which we hold so dear. Our beautiful cliffs and beaches are integral to the sport of surfing and with help from the Trust we can leave our precious coastline in a fit state for future generations to inherit. "


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