Friday, 10 July 2015

Pirates and seashore treasures: a Wild Lizard Project week of work experience

I’m Elsa Amiss, I live in the Lizard and I have just finished my first year in 6th form at Helston College. This week I have been experiencing life as a Wild Lizard Education Ranger with Claire Scott.  Amazing things happen at Poltesco and around the Lizard, with innovative and exciting outdoor learning days for local schools. This week, classes from Mullion Primary School came out to Poltesco as part of their seashore treasure and pirate project. I helped to prepare and deliver activities that included collecting natural treasures, making and floating paper boats and creating monstrous sea creatures all in the fantastic setting of Carleon Cove. The weather was perfect and the children delightful especially as most seemed to be convinced I have magic ice powers, the film Frozen has a lot to answer for!

Launching pirate ships down the river, the mud didn't quite make it over my wellies!
Claire Scott the Wild Lizard Ranger weaving a tale of plundering pirates and deep sea monsters.
 Thursday must have been the best view for anyone on work experience as I spent the day at the National Trust's Lizard Watch Point spotting seals and chatting about the area to visitors. The seals are lovely to observe and having the watch point there means that visitors can ask questions to find out more about the fascinating wildlife in our area.
Having an insight to the day to day running of the Wild Lizard Project has been a fantastic opportunity with plenty of entertaining moments, knee deep in mud launching ships, building a sea grotto and creating sea monsters. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Wild Lizard Project and playing a role in growing children’s confidence with being outdoors and discovering just how amazing the Lizard is.
Children from Mullion Primary School taking the paper pirate boat challenge

There are lots of opportunities over summer to join in with the project and with brilliant from woodland craft days and seashore safaris throughout August there is lots going on. Check out the Facebook page for the lastest information about events:

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