Thursday, 13 March 2014

Kynance Cove Update

Kynance on a summer's day. Perhaps not quite so much sand at the moment!
Kynance cafe and cove are open, and have been a great place to visit in the recent sunshine. 
Why not make the best of this spring like weather and pay us a visit? 
Cracks, marked in red, which have made the steps unsafe
From the carpark, please walk either the cafe track down to the cove, or follow the signed high tide route.
The steps onto the beach from the carpark side have had to be closed because of damage in recent heavy seas which has caused cracks which are continuing to widen as the bank slips away. An engineer is drawing up plans and we are working as quickly as we can to find a solution to enable the beach access to be reopened. We are now sure that unfortunately, the steps cannot be salvaged, and we will start next week on demolishing them to make way for a new structure. Yet another example of the power of the recent stormy seas! As you can appreciate it's been a really busy and costly few months for all of us looking after the Cornish coast.
Access from the cafe side is unaffected so it's still easy to get to the beach and enjoy this iconic spot, so why not head out for a sunny coastal walk and /or cream tea!


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