Friday, 11 June 2010

Lesley moves to pastures new....

One of our Full Time Volunteers (FTV's) has just had a great bit of news - she has just made the jump into paid employment !

Lesley Key has been volunteering for the Trust here for 18 months, supporting all aspects of our work day to day but crucially at the same time developing new skills and experience to help her in her aim to get a full time job in conservation. Armed with tractor driving, chainsaw, fencing and brushcutter certificates, not to mention a wealth of practical experience of working with school groups, events and guided walks, Lesley is off to work with Hampshire Council as a Countryside Ranger.

The new job is a well earned reward for her commitment and enthusiasm ( for a career change from teaching) and as when all our volunteers move onwards and upwards, sadness to see people leave who have made such a difference is matched with pleasure in seeing how volunteering can be such a positive force in helping the Trust's work and giving new skills and opportunities in conservation.

A farewell barbeque at Point Field, Tremayne Woods (pictured) gave everyone the chance to say their own thank you's and farewells, and we look forward to the Postcards arriving with news of how the new job is progressing - Dont forget us !

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