Sunday, 10 October 2010

"Please Sir, can I have some more?" Mullion Soup Kitchen

Chopping the vegetables

Apparently, many children in Britain today are completely unaware as to where their food comes from. Milk comes from a bottle on a supermarket shelf, meat from vacuum packed plastic packets and soup comes from a tin.

As part of the Mullion CP School’s Wildchild gardening Club, I have been very keen on re-establishing the link between what we grow and the food we eat. “From Plot to plate” as they say.
Last Friday, we finally got around to turning some of our autumnal harvest into soup. Real soup.

A large pumpkin, onions, leeks, potatoes and a couple of very large courgettes, all grown by the young Mullion gardeners, were chopped up by the children and turned into the most delicious wholesome soup. The only addition was some cumin, which the children dry-roasted and crushed in a pestle and mortar.

Robin and Jonathon collecting some extra leeks

Sam and Jonathon stiring the soup.

There was so much soup that I really though we would have enough to bring into school and share with their classmates on Monday morning. However, I didn’t count on the fact that these kids really loved their soup, (to the extent that one young gardener had 5 bowls of it!!! ) and a few teachers obviously caught a scent of the lovely aromas coming from the kitchen and wandered in to share it with us. The whole pan was wiped clean, not a morsel was left! 

Next week we'll be clearing out the wildlife pond and preparing the vegetable beds for winter.  Happy gardening


Not a morsel was left!

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