Thursday, 10 February 2011

Marconi Calling Space

Just before Christmas one of the volunteers at the Lizard Wireless Station, close to Lizard point, made contact with the International Space Station, below you can hear an audio recording of the brief contact. Commander Douglas Wheelock from the Russian service module chatted about a recent fresh food delivery and, as they passed over the North Atlantic, even had a chance to say hello to our volunteer John's, wife!

The 25th mission crew, commanded by Doug, consisted of 6 crew members from both Russia and the US. so far 196 individuals have called the ISS their home and missions can last up to several months at a time. The ISS has completed over 1.5 billion miles in the 10 years it's been orbiting the earth!

The Lizard Wireless Station is home to a small museum of wireless technology, Marconi himself placed the two buildings there and conducted his groundbreaking experiments from them. One is now available as a holiday cottage but the other is home to a fine collection of pieces. The station is run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who open it's doors to the public throughout the year, for opening times check out their website:


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