Monday, 23 May 2011

North of the Boarder 2011

Last Saturday (21st May) at Crantock the National Trust presented North of the Boarder junior surf competition, the final stage of the Boarder series. The day started early with the optional beach littler pick, each competitor could add to their first head score by collecting bags of beach litter. 
"The litter pick has been integrated into the competition to raise awareness of beach and marine rubbish problems, this is an issue the Trust has to deal with on a daily basis so it's vital that the next generation of surfers are aware of the problem and play their part in protecting their playground" said Robyn Davies, National Trust Water Sports Co-ordinator and Boarder Series director. 

Heats for all four categories then got under way in challenging conditions as the large tide changed and the Gannel disappeared. Stand out performance of the day came from Peony Knight who took both the girls titles. 

Under14s Finalists

The results were:

Girls Under 14s:
1st Peony Knight
2nd Emily Currie
3rd Kirra Spray
4th Maisie Marshall
Boys Under 14
1st Rhys Barfield
2nd Taz Knight
3rd Ed Smith
4th Max Payne
Girls Under 16 Finalists
Girls Under 16
1st Peony Knight
2nd Emily Currie
3rd Liz Hodson
4th Molly Erskine
Boys Under 16
1st Max payne
2nd Sam Harwood
3rd Ed Smith
4th Taz Knight

Boys Under 16s Finalists
North of the Boarder Finalists

South of the Boarder took place at Poldhu, on the south coast, last month in April. The overall boarder series champion was also crowned at NOTB. Rhys Barfield from the under 14s category took the title with 3500 points after his first place at NOTB and his second at SOTB. Rhys won a weeks accomodation at a surf camp in Morocco as his prize, thanks to Cornish company Pure Blue Water. Well done to all to competitors who took part in the competition and a massive thank you goes out to our series sponsors Gul wetsuits and surf magazines Carve and Surf Girl.

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