Saturday, 13 August 2011

StreetView comes to Penrose

A quick post - whilst none of us want to be stuck in the office when you are there you do see some interesting things out of the window from time to time.

So we all jumped when this cyclist pulled up for a breather....

Nice bike, smart camera (360 degrees at the click of a button) plenty of low gears although he was puffing a bit. He was looking for directions to Loe Bar so we showed him the map but thought he might like to give everyone a view of the Walled Garden at Penrose. He seemed pleased to help and peddled to the centre and took the picture, so hopefully soon you can access Google's StreetView and see for yourself the results.....

We are looking at how we can use this part of the Walled Garden and make it accessible for people to use it so let us know if you have any ideas or if we can help. We have used it for a Storytelling event recently and it's a great spot - so all ideas welcome


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