Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hackers spotted at Penrose

For some years now the broad track from Nanspean Farm to Carminowe Creek has
been getting ever narrower, until it has become almost impassable in some parts.



This was radically changed last week when
a group of volunteers hacked their way
through to reinstate the upper section of
the route to its former width.

Not only will this crearte better access
for all, but it will also create opportunities
for wildflowers to flourish along the path;
to encourage this, the path will be
maintained in the future by flailing to
ensure that it doesn't become
overgrown again.


More hacking

Further hacking will take place in
the coming months to open up the 
lower  reaches of the path  

This clearance is part of a concerted
push to upgrade and waymark all the
paths at Penrose, to help visitors to
discover the beauty of the
whole estate.
If you would like to do some legal hacking of your own and help the
National Trust please contact Laura or Nick, Community Rangers on 01326 554715/6.

Nick Gordon

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