Friday, 17 August 2012

Wildlife Holiday Fun

Families who headed down to Lizard Point on Tuesday this week were treated to a whole wealth of free wildlife activities courtesy of the National Trust Ranger team and our friends at Natural England. For those who were feeling brave, there was the chance to dissect owl pellets, piecing together the bones of voles and mice, and unravelling the mystery of the owl's last meal. Ever popular were a range of craft activities including swirly snakes, balancing butterflies, badge making and learning to make string out of nothing more than leaves.

It was brilliant to see kids take such an interest in their natural environment, especially in such a fantastic setting as Lizard Point. We even had choughs fly overhead on cue!

Everyone had great fun. We parked the tractor up so kids could climb inside and inevitably it was the most popular thing all day!

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