Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Give us a wave

Tools at the ready at Poldhu
If you've been down to Poldhu cove recently you will hardly have been able to miss the new wave sculpture there to greet you as you reach the top of the boardwalk. Poldhu is overrun with various colourful signs from the council and RNLI beach safety to the café and surf school and amidst all this it had become lost that this well loved beach itself its owned and looked after by the National Trust. So we wanted to create something that would welcome you, through the signage mayhem, onto this special beach.
Lifting the timbers into place

Although some might consider it rather large, the wooden wave sculpture fits its purpose beautifully. We wanted something that was natural and in keeping with its surrounding but at the same time making a subtle yet clear welcome. 
Setting the timbers in place

The ‘Wooden Wave’ was designed by Barefoot’s Jon Taylor and carved by local craftsman Virgil Cain. It is made out of reclaimed timbers from the fire of Falmouth Docks, provided by Holifield farm. The gnarled timbers themselves, with rusted bolts still visible to tell their story, are a striking sight sunk upright into the top of the dunes. A wave silhouette is carved across four of the five timbers with a circular window through its centre, framing the sea behind it. The contrast of the polished, carved wood with the untouched rough exterior, changes from a deep red through to silvery grey in different weather. 

Volunteers helped secure the timbers in the sand
The sculpture was part funded by the South West Coast Path Association and installed by local contractors William Watson and Peter Kemp. We will be improving the signage around Poldhu next year by working together with those involved to de-clutter the entrances and provide better information. We would love to hear any feedback you may have about the new installation or anything else regarding Poldhu cove. 


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