Friday, 1 November 2013

Lanterns galore at Poltesco

Poltesco played host to lanterns galore on Tuesday, as families from near and far joined us for a well attended make it yourself craft workshop.

More than 25 lanterns were constructed during the afternoon, with folk of all ages making their own masterpiece to take home.

The first step is to fashion a withy frame, and to keep it local we used willows cut from our own hedges. Then several layers of extra strong tissue paper soaked in dilute PVA glue are added to cover the frames, before a final layer of decoration adds the finishing touches. Lots of people went for a halloween theme, with ghosts and pumpkins out in force, whist others made polka dot or patchwork lampshades, which can be used 'for real' if  safely secured over electric lightbulb fittings.

We were so well attended that we ran an extra later session, but we still couldn't cater for everyone interested in joining us unfortunately.

Keep checking this blog and our website for details of our other upcoming fun family events.


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