Thursday, 28 August 2014

Summer events at Penrose

As the summer holidays are coming to an end, I thought I would go through all the photos we’ve taken so far. We’ve run another successful programme of events this summer in partnership with Nauti but Ice at the stables café. All our events have been focused on getting more children and families outdoors and enjoying Penrose.

Squashbox Theatre performed 3 shows and really drew in a crowd!
Mud pie making as part of our mini-beast adventure event
We also try and encourage children to get closer to nature through the events and the bat walk was a particularly good way to achieve this aim. With the help of Cornwall bat group, we took a stroll through the parkland at dusk and watched a roof full of Soprano Pipistrelles emerge from one of our holiday cottages. Each family was provided with a bat detector so they were able to interpret the bats’ echolocation as they swooshed overhead. Everyone who comes on these walks is amazed and excited to see the bats in action no matter what their age- we had tiny toddlers up to retired folk.

Our new info room at the stables
 It’s always a bit nerve racking before an event like this, as I wonder what we’ll do if we don’t see any bats! But Penrose provides such an incredible array of habitats and roosting places that we never fail to spot any. 
Den building- 50 Things number 4

Fine shooting in the parkland
 We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported our events and the cafe this year! As a charity all your donations help us to carry out vital conservation work and to maintain access on all the footpaths and bridleways you love using.

Archery was the last event of the season held today, but look out for our autumn and winter events here, on facebook and on the National Trust events website. 


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