Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn = Apples!

Using tools to help shake apples of branches
Last week I was lucky enough to take a day out of my normal role to work with another team and pick apples. The Penrose team have a fantastic orchard in Degibna, which is over the East side of Loe Pool, where there is also an abundance of lovely blackberries! Although Lizard and Penrose are one portfolio we try and get together a few times a year to work together for a day and to discuss best practice etc.

The apple harvest did not live up to 2013's extremely fruitful year, however we managed to pick a third of a ton of five different types of apples along with the help of some local volunteers. These apples have now gone to our friends at Helford Creek Apple Juice for juicing and you will be able to buy bottles of it next year in the Stables Cafe at Penrose.

Local volunteers made the process a lot quicker!

We even found this whopper



The orchard was also quite over grown so we also spent time doing some much needed clearance around the trees, we cleared away a vast amount of brash to reveal even more wind fallen apples underneath, but also to encourage the younger trees to grow without being swamped with brambles. 

I am always amazed at this time of year at how many different species of wildlife you can see in just a small area, including bees, ants, grasshoppers, butterflies and a variety of birds. All day I had little hitch hikers using my hands as landing pads as they moved onto their next sunny spot, it was simply delightful.

Thanks again to all our volunteers from Penrose and Poltesco who helped on the day, it made it even more enjoyable and your help was greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Penrose on 01326 561407 or Poltesco (The Lizard Team) on 01326 291174.

I am now off to make a blackberry and apple crumble for my tea! 


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