Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Getting Ready for Summer 2015

As you can see in some of the below blogs the staff are busy at this time of year, some at their busiest, even though to the visitor it seem like we are only open in summer. The Lizard and Penrose property portfolio is actually open all year round, unlike the gardens that can close the doors for January and February, we keep all our land and car parks accessible throughout the year, and this means lots of man & woman power!

You may see that there is a lot of conservation management taking place across the property with maintenance to structures, new footpaths and existing car parks to name but a few, all building towards the Easter deadline, so that they are available for visitors to enjoy this coming summer.  Have a chat to the rangers and volunteers who you see out and about on the Lizard cliffs and around Penrose, they would be happy to tell you about what they do to keep these places special, but there is also lots happening behind the scenes, especially in the Visitor Services Department.

For example, the first National Trust face that most visitors see is one of our car park or campsite team; this requires recruitment of these posts in February so that training can happen before the car parks open. If you would like to apply for one of these roles please apply through the National Trust website when the roles are posted in the next few months at:
Another major aspect of our jobs is to plan for the summer season, order stock, leaflets and uniforms and also to plan bigger projects to improve the car parks and campsite to make them all run as sustainably as possible.

Along with all our other weekly tasks, we organise events for the summer season and regularly check our sites and public rescue equipment.

If you would like to book one of our pods (seen to the left) this summer at Teneriffe Farm Campsite or a pitch please call 01326 240293.

You can also still sign up for membership at this time of year with us, all the money comes back to Lizard and Penrose,  you can do this by coming to see one of us at our offices at Poltesco or Penrose, or look out for the blue NT van that is often about on the Lizard!


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