Tuesday, 20 April 2010

LAN Volunteers make the difference !

Lizard Ancient Network volunteers have just had a bit of a change of scenery at Penrose Estate. The group of dedicated conservation workers meet regularly on tasks throughout the year to protect prehistoric sites across the Lizard Peninsula.

However, at Penrose their skills and enthusiasm have been helping the National Trust protect a comparitive youngster of the archaeological world - the remains of Carminowe Mill which dates back originally to 1250 !

LAN volunteers cleared a new route for a footpath along the old Mill leat, and around the old pool and track itself - discovering the only remaining wall of what were originally 2 mills into the bargain.

The work is the first stage to clear the Mill remains of scrub and vegetation, and the new route will provide an important footpath as part of the National Trust's longer term plans to re-create a wetland in the field below the Mill close to Loe Pool.

We can only say a huge thanks to everyone from LAN who came out and made such a positive difference - as someone described it on the day "LAN volunteers are ace ! "

For more information on the LAN volunteer group and their activities for 2010 please phone 01736-787186, or e-mail info@cornishancientsites.com

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