Monday, 5 July 2010

Egg stream-ly challenging times at Poltesco

Grade-Ruan Primary School has enjoyed some action packed days out this term thanks to the National Trust wardens and volunteers on the Lizard. Kynance class joined us for two days of outdoor adventure, ending with an egg stream challenge: find a way of getting an egg across the stream without breaking the egg or getting your feet wet!

Rachel Holder, National Trust Warden said "I was very impressed that all the groups managed to get their eggs across in one piece, by zip wire, pulley or raft! We've had a great couple of days."

The class baked their own home-made bread on a campfire, made dream catchers, and built shelters out of natural materials, including bamboo, thatch and bracken. These shelters then doubled up as the backdrop for short plays the pupils devised themselves, involving a random assortment of props, ranging from a bowler hat to a plastic chough, to a box of cornflakes. Something which called for a good imagination! The pupils were also taught bushcraft techniques, such as how to light a fire using a striker, charred cloth to catch the ember, and grass as tinder.

Tom Harman, head teacher said " The sun shone and all of the children commented on how much they had enjoyed the two days working outdoors. Our thanks go to Rachel and the National Trust to have had this fantastic opportunity and this is something we would really like to extend and develop in the new school year. "

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