Tuesday, 10 August 2010


All our preparation for Holifair paid off with a fantastic weekend in the sun (well, for some of the time). In our marquee, pebbles were painted, flags were decorated, and windmills and kites were made (and to the relief of all involved, flew!)  In the woodland glade we went back to pre-industrial days, using traditional pole lathes and shave horses for green woodworking with the older children. And when the wind got up we took shelter in the tipi, where we made whistles from elder and string from New Zealand flax.

The National Trust team all had a great time here and were glad to be able to support the Holifield Farm Project, who put on the event using only green energy. We're just as excited about the programme of local events to come in the next few months, so look out for us at Lizard Lifeboat Day on Sunday 15th August!

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  1. err...Elle.... but - why did you shave your horses?

    Oli & Alice


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