Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Autumn's here - come and enjoy it !

The weather is a bit wilder today, but the trees are still changing colour and the woods look amazing.

Tremayne oaks
Living here I guess it can be easy to sometimes take things for granted but last weekend we had two brilliant walks that really made me think about what's on my doorstep. 

Firstly at Tremayne on the Helford River, loads of wildlife - egrets, herons and a close fly-by from a Sparrowhawk. But the best bit was the Sweet Chestnuts - perhaps we have last winter's cold spell to thank ? - but we came back with a big bag of really plump chestnuts that went straight into the oven before being greedily devoured for tea.

Then Penrose on Sunday, a walk from the Parkland to Loe Bar, dodging the showers but burning a few calories along the way with regualr stop offs on the Trust's Green Gym. And as you can see from the photos, you are never too young to start learning !
Where next ?

There are over 5 miles of footpaths in and around the Penrose Estate, loads of it through a great variety of woodlands and car parks at the Amenity Area, Degibna and Penrose Hill. And on the south coast of the Helford River places like Tremayne and Frenchmans Creek provide some of the only opportunities where you can get close up and alongside this amazing place.

So whether it's a bit of birdwatching, a stroll with some friends, a jog or a bit of forraging, come and enjoy - whatever the season - and remember to tell us what you think.


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