Thursday, 11 November 2010

Fancy a dirty weekend in the woods?


 You are invited to join us for a ‘dirty weekend’ on 13 and 14 November. Don’t worry, there’s nothing dodgy or suspicious about this event, just an opportunity to get dirty learning some traditional woodland crafts; making charcoal, trying your hands at bodging and helping the wardens with some coppice management. The dirty weekend is happening at Tremayne Woods near Gear Farm on the Lizard

We'll be loading the charcoal kiln on Saturday with sustainably produced wood from the coppiced woodland. Participants will then learn how to use a pole lathe and shave horse whilst helping the wardening staff with coppicing some of the woodland. The charcoal kiln will burn all night before being unloaded on Sunday.

On Sunday we'll practice our green woodwork skills (maybe take home a candle stick or even a stool?)before the charcoal is tested on a well earned BBQ. Camping is optional on the Saturday night. Cost of the event is £10 per day, or £15 for the weekend.  Please get in touch with me at for more information, or give me a call 01326 240282.

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