Thursday, 10 March 2011

South of the Boarder Junior Surf Comp 2011

The National Trust’s South of the Boarder junior surf competition is returning to Poldhu Cove for the second year running. This is a surf event for the environmentally aware grom! Open to everyone what ever your ability as long as you’re 16 or under on the day of the event. The National Trust feels it is essential to highlight the importance of looking after the coastline. The Trust protects over 360 miles of coast in Cornwall and Devon which us costs £50,000 a year to clear the beaches of rubbish…if you stacked all the full skips on top of each other they would be higher than the Statue of Liberty!! It is essential to hand pick the litter so as to keep the natural habitats intact. Plastics which make their way into the ocean become potentially fatal for sea birds and marine wildlife, whales have been found starved to death because the amount of plastics in their stomachs made them feel full. And so with this event the National Trust is promoting the importance of litter picking through new judging criteria…read on to make a difference…


Poldhu Cove, the Lizard, Cornwall.
Park in the Council car park opposite the beach and make your way to contest control on the beach to check your heat.


Saturday 16th April 2011

Check in time: 08.30
First heat starts: 09.00


The scoring system will be the same as Surfing GB’s score system:

In your heat you are allowed to catch a maximum of 10 waves. Your top 2 scoring waves will be added together for your final score. The 2 surfers who score the highest in the heat will progress through to the next round.

There is an option to gain points before your first heat starts by picking up beach litter and handing it into contest control.
A maximum of 2 points will be available to any one surfer.
One carrier bag of beach litter is worth 1 point.

Litter picking points will be added to the surfing points to determine who progresses through to the next round.

The litter picking points gained before your first heat will go towards your first heat score total. (ie. If you have collected 2 bags of beach litter before your first heat you will have gained the advantage of 2 points being added to your first heat score).

When’s the next one?

The next Boarder event is North of the Boarder to held at Crantock Beach on the North Coast of Cornwall on Saturday May 2011…check back for details

To enter: Very soon we'll be putting applications up online, then you can go to and download an application form or contact us at: for more infomation. 

Follow us on Twitter: @swcornwallnt and facebook: for updates and news. 

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