Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tregullas Farm Open day

We had a good turnout to our open day at Tregullas on Sunday the 6th March, despite a freezing northerly wind. On display were the results of the survey we have carried out since our first meeting with the community at the Hidden Lizard tea rooms in December.
The survey showed a strong desire within the community for a working farm at Tregullas, lots of ideas for different uses of the farm buildings, interest in allotments and concern for the wildlife of the farm, particularly the choughs which uise its fields. In addition a number of people are interested in a Community Farm and have arranged a meeting at the Top House on the 24th march at 6pm to find out more about this exciting prospect.
Our meeting at Tregullas on Sunday allowed everyone to find out what other people thought and gave them an opportunity to sign up to one of the working groups to take forward some of the great ideas that are coming forward. So far we have a group to work on wildlife, another for the community farm idea and another to look into ideas for the traditional buildings.

Check out the website for more information on future events and activities as we continue to talk to the local community and visitors about the farm's future.


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