Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mallets and Spoons

Mallet and spoon shortage averted
There were mallets and spoons a plenty at Poltesco recently, when students from EcoSoc joined us for a weekend of greenwoodworking and volunteering. EcoSoc is one of the clubs and societies students at CuC Tremough Campus can choose to join in their free time, and its membership is drawn mainly from undergraduates undertaking biology and conservation degrees. On Saturday the group got to grips with monkey strainers and kadongers as they learned the skills required to build a strained wire fence. Their day's work made a valuable contribution to our ongoing project to fence Grochall. Our aim is to erect a perimeter fence around this new nature reserve adjoining the heathland of Lizard Downs, to enable grazing to benefit wildlife.

The group stayed at our Chyvarloe Basecamp overnight, taking the opportunity to explore nearby Loe Bar and Carminowe Creek. On Sunday we set up camp in the orchard at Poltesco, and spent an enjoyable day whittling and bodging in the sunshine! We had the pole lathes up and running, and everyone became absorbed in shaping spoons from green ashwood. Never will there be a wooden utensil shortage again!

Bodging and Shaving


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