Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Photos in the can - Students experiment with pinhole cameras

eye spy a fence
80 pupils from Lizard schools recently took part in innovative photography workshops, thanks to a joint project between the National Trust and University College Falmouth.

The pupils, from Landewednack, St Keverne, and Coverack Primary Schools, and Mullion Secondary School joined 30 University College Falmouth, BA (Hons) Photography level 1 students to learn how to use simple pinhole cameras made from nothing more than a drinks can, photographic paper and gaffer tape.

YHA daffs by primary school pupil
The workshops were hosted over 3 days at the Lizard Point Youth Hostel, where a temporary dark room was set up so the pupils could see their images being developed. Justin Quinnell, a national expert in pinhole photography, helped the students get the most from these simple cameras. Capturing an image with a drinks can is a magical way to get kids interested in photography. Its not easy, but everyone was inspired to have a go and the university students got a huge amount from being able to pass their newly acquired skills onto the younger pupils.

Amazing results revealed as pinhole prints dry
In addition to the pinhole workshops, every pupil got to spend some time experimenting with digital photography, taking inspiration from nearby Tregullas Farm. The farm which is owned by The National Trust and lies in the heart of Lizard village will be available for long-term let, and the Trust is inviting the local community to have a say in how they would like to see this farm run.

Tregullas pots

We've been so impressed with the photos taken over the 3 days, which have captured how the farm is today. Every pupil will contribute a photo to an exhibition at Tremough Campus in May, and we are sure they will be proud of what they have achieved.


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