Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Bear Grylls experience

Or more appropriately named the 'Rabbit Grills' experience!

Last week Mullion comprehensive school camped on the heath at Predannack. They began thier 3 day adventure by navigating thier way accross Predannack Airfield where they were met by the MOD's Jack Frost. Jack enabled the children to have a once in a lifetime experience of exploring the aircraft wrecks and fire training simulators. They learned the importance of the airfield not only for the MOD but for its nature conservation value and how the National Trust, Natural England and Cornwall Wildlife Trust work alongside the MOD to care for this area.

Exploring the wrecks on Predannack Airfield

  After continuing their way onto the Pig's ear (an area of Predannack heathland) they set to work building their camp. This included digging a fire pit, collecting wood and making thier own long drop toilet. The happy campers then set to work starting a fire and skinning their dinner of rabbit which went down a treat after all thier hard work.

Crab fishing off Mullion Harbour

The following day the children set off along the coastal path to Mullion Harbour where they were treated to a sea kayaking trip with Lizard Adventure where they had a close encounter with a seal. This was followed by some cave exploration and a touch of crab fishing off the harbour. Unfrotunately none were caught for a crab supper but some enourmous spider crabs were hauled up from the bottom of the harbour walls.

On the final day, the some what tired campers by this point, packed up their bags and began the walk back to school where I expect some were pleased to see the luxuries of civilisation again, such as a flushing toilet! A great few days was had by all and amazingly the sun shone throughout making it one of the most breathtaking camping sites I've ever seen.


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