Friday, 15 July 2011

NT society Foraging Trip.

The National Trust Society made one of its first outings last weekend to the beautiful location of Tremayne woods, where a weekend of fun was had, with foraging, fire making, whistle making and even bread making! 

The Saturday begun with a quick lesson in fire making and was followed by a trip down to the local sea shore to find our lunch, mussels, cockles and seaweed were found in abundance and made for a tasty meal. 

We were kept occupied with whistle making throughout the sunny afternoon, using pieces of elder wood, hollowed and then carved to create a very effective home made whistle!

Fortunately for us the weather remained clear and warm all evening, meaning it wasn't even necessary to build any shelter for the night, instead sleeping outside under the stars. 

The Sunday was a day of coppicing in the ancient woodland of Tremayne, this allows the oaks more space to grow, as they are often out competed by faster growing species. 

Thanks very much to Justin from the National Trust for his expert foraging and fire making knowledge and also to EcoSoc for advertising the event. 

If you'd like to find out more about the NT society or get involved please email me at


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