Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Frightful Times at Poltesco

Half-term proved busy at Poltesco. Kids of all ages were to be found solving an egg thief mystery, dissecting owl pellets and/or getting covered in glue!

For 3 days we played host to the BBC Live 'n' Deadly Detectives Trail, organised jointly with Natural England. This involved searching out 7 clues, to solve the mystery of who or what had eaten a clutch of eggs. 100 kids took the challenge over the 3 days, earning themselves a badge and a passcode for the BBC's online Live 'n' Deadly game. Also on offer was the chance to make clay animal paw prints, and to dissect owl pellets. Thanks to Claire from NE and her vol team for their work in making these days a great success.

On friday, later in half-term week, 10 families joined us in the sunshine in the yard for a scary mask and halloween lantern workshop. For the lanterns, a frame is first made out of elm and dogwood shoots harvested from the valley, held together with tape.

Wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night!

Things then get messy, as the frame is covered in several layers of wet strength tissue paper soaked in dilute PVA glue. Finally add some decoration and colour if desired, or sandwich some leaves between the layers. Then the biggest challenge. Try to get it home without dripping all over the car!  Rachel

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