Thursday, 10 November 2011

Volunteers take it one step at a time

The Trust’s Lizard volunteers were up at Penrose this week working to replace an old flight of steps that link    the car park to the estate.

Greg, Paul, Pete and Rob showed their carpentry credentials and the rotten old steps were replaced in no time at all with a perfect flight, that wouldn’t look out of place in Penrose House itself!

The replacement of these steps is just part of the improvement to the infrastructure to the estate that will take place over the coming years. The footpath signs and information boards will also be rationalised and updated.



There will be more joint working days between Lizard and Penrose teams in future, making the most of the team’s skills and offering the chance to work across a wider range of projects and settings.

If you are interested in joining us for volunteer work, then give us a call on 01326 561407 and we’d be delighted to get you involved.


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