Thursday, 5 January 2012

Festive fun at Poltesco

Christmas at Poltesco was brought to life with the annual “Christmas Craft Workshop”. The day saw around twenty eager young craftsmen and women raring to ditch mum and dad for the day and have some festive fun. For starters the children got stuck into making traditional Christmas wreathes made from Holly, Ivy, willow and an assortment of pinecones that were finished off with a festive dusting of snow in a can.

Once they had started they couldn’t wait to make more stocking filers such as the Christmas fairies made from willow, seashell tree decorations and willow stars, and that was just for starters. All of this merry madness left us hungering for some sweet treats. For lunch we all took a trip up to feed the Poltesco ponies, a treat for the ponies was only fair after indulging in mince pies and celebrations for our dessert. Once both we and the ponies were fed, it was time to get back to more craft creation.

The next stocking filler involved making our own felt from sheep’s wool that created some amazing multi coloured patterns, from this custom made fabric the children made some truly beautiful decorations that wouldn’t look out of place in a crafts shop. While in the creative mood the next job was to make Yule logs, with hand made candles. The children expertly rolled their sheets of wax around a wick to make a truly unique finish to the gift.

There weren’t enough hours in the day to tire these creative craftsmen and women out, but I am sure when the parents saw all they would have to carry home they were glad there was still room under the tree.

It was a great day for both the people running the event and everyone that took part; we look forward to hopefully seeing the same faces and maybe a few new ones next year. From all of us here at the National Trust Poltesco, we would like to wish you a very happy Christmas.


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