Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Spoons and Spatulas

We made these!
A group of students from EcoSoc based at Tremough Campus, Penryn braved the bitterly cold winds last weekend, to join us for a day's greenwoodworking at Poltesco. Both pole lathes were in action, with some fine candlesticks the result. Folk also had a go at making gypsy flowers, formed by shaving slithers from hazel rods, and making cord from New Zealand Flax leaves, shredded into fine fibres and then twisted into string. Not easy at the best of times, and even trickier with cold hands!
Whittling round the fire

Huddled round the fire for some whittling was understandably the favourite spot! With some determined carving everyone mastered turning a log into a utensil, seeing the whole process through, using axe, shave horse and straight and crook knives along the way. No one will ever take a wooden spoon for granted again!
A gypsy flower to be proud of!

EcoSoc is a society offering environment related activities and talks which university students can join in their free time. We'll be meeting up later in the year to take a look at some of the Lizard's speciality rare plants. Hopefully we can ditch the woolly hats by May! 

Candlesticks take shape on the lathes

If you're involved with a community group that would like to give green woodworking a go, then feel free to get in touch with the Lizard Ranger team


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