Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Big Cat Sightings

In the last couple of weeks we've had two reported big cat sighting here at Penrose and further south on the Lizard. Unfortunately as none of our team has seen these big cats and we've no evidence to suggest these sightings were accurate we aren’t really in the position to comment on the presence of big cats here at Penrose or on the Lizard.

“Lots of people say they see big cats, especially here in Cornwall, and it’s hard to know if it’s just peoples' imaginations running away with them or not. As we’ve not had reports of simultaneous sightings in one place it’s hard for us to take it too seriously at the moment” says Layla Astley, Visitor Services Manager. “Our rangers are out there everyday working for the local wildlife so even if you don’t see a big cat there are lots of other fantastic wildlife sights to see instead.”

Although we can’t be complacent that big cats do exist here in the UK there is no evidence to suggest that there is any real threat to people. Big cats are known to do their up most to avoid contact with people so it’s highly unlikely that visitors to our properties will come across one.

Layla Astley

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