Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mega Scrub Bash

Cutting our way through tall blackthorn

Lunch around the fire

A hardy group of volunteers from the local community and Falmouth University joined us last Saturday despite the weather to help the Ranger's with heathland and access management. Each year during the winter months we cut and burn scrub on our heathland sites across the Lizard Peninsula. This is done to improve the heathland habitats for local wildlife such as the Cornish Cough and rare flora, but also to improve access and enable effective conservation grazing.

Now thats how to toast a marshmallow, or 8!

This time we were tackling an area of tall blackthorn along the bridleway adge at Predannack Wollas near Mullion. The rain didn't manage to dampen our spirits, or fire thankfully otherwise we would of had an upsetting lunch of raw potatoes and sausages! Although the scrub cutting season is drawing to an end now due to nesting birds and mammals, stay tuned for other ways to get involved with us throughout the summer. Our next scrub bash will be at Chynhalls Point near Coverack on September 23.


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