Monday, 28 May 2012

Adventures with Landewednack School

Class 3 showing their best miserable Victorian faces
It's been an action packed few weeks for Landewednack School, with lots of NT adventures far and wide. Class 3 travelled up to Lanhydrock recently to explore the historic house. The Victorian school room complete with period games to play was a real hit.

Everyone dressed the part, with Mr B looking dapper in his top hat! In the afternoon the group joined me in the parkland to try their hand at measuring trees, using all sorts of nifty tricks to gauge their circumference and height. Taller than we're used to seeing on the Lizard that's for sure! 

Last week the whole school came down to the Waterings Nature Garden class by class, as part of an ongoing partnership first established 15 years ago. Class 1 became bug hunters for the afternoon, and received a surprise visit from a giant hedgehog bearing gifts of badger, frog and fox masks!

Class 2 went on a Spider Safari, making their own 8 legged friends out of pipe cleaners and pom-poms, as well as having some close encounters with the real kind, courtesy of 'pooter' bug suckers.

Class 3 battled it out in 3 teams with a nature quiz, and then had a go at building shelters out of coppice poles, bamboo, and anything else to hand.

With all the hot and sunny weather we were glad of the shade!

We're happy to offer similar nature based fun to all Lizard schools, so please do get in touch if it appeals


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