Thursday, 10 May 2012

Week of Walks

Walk for the Week with the Lizard and Penrose Team

The National Trust team at the Lizard and Penrose are planning another walking festival this year. For a whole week this May they will be holding a series of walks that highlight the natural beauty and diversity of the area. From identifying spring flowers at Kynance to foraging for your lunch in the wild, there’s plenty to experience on the walks.

Kynnace beach from the cliff tops. 
‘There really is lots of incredibly walking to be done here,’ says Layla Astley, Visitor Services Manager. ‘Having our own walking event allows us to really show off the exciting and beautiful natural places we look after and gives us an opportunity to teach people about what we do to keep these places so special.’

‘Lots of people visit our properties to walk all through the year and want to know more about what they are seeing. This will be a great opportunity get answers to these questions from our experienced team of rangers,’ she adds.

Loe Bar looking East towards the cliffs at Halzephron

The ‘Week of Walks’ starts on Sunday 20 May with a guided botanical walk taking in the spring flowers along the cliff tops at Kynance. Please see the column on the right for more information on the walks coming up or get in touch for details by calling 01326 561 407.


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