Friday, 28 September 2012

Pigs don't fly, but tents do!

Stuff for kids of all ages!

We were out in force at the Little Big Gig last weekend, a small independent music festival in Lizard Village, running fun nature inspired activities to appeal to folk of all ages.

However, the gales and lashing rain got the better of us Sunday, and we had to admit defeat when we awoke to discover our events shelter had vanished, only to be found shortly afterwards in the pig pen over the hedge! Luckily the pig could be distracted with a baguette, whilst we nipped in to retrieve all our gear, although he had taken a few bites out of the bunting! Oh well, we can laugh about it now!

Luckily, the weather had been much kinder during Saturday, and we had a busy day in the Wild Crafts area, run jointly by the Lizard NT Ranger team and Claire Scott, Community Outreach Officer at Natural England.

Summer gets into the festival spirit
Word soon spread that we were the place to come to make yourself a lovely flowery head-dress, so much so that we had to keep sending out for more flowers from generous local gardeners! Also popular with kids were shell and bamboo shakers, all made from locally grown or collected materials.

For adults, there was the chance to learn some new rural skills, whether that be making a gypsy flower with a draw knife and a shave horse, turning a baby's rattle out of greenwood on the pole lathe, or mastering the technique for twisting natural cordage from leaf fibres. The race was on to see who could make the most feet of 'leaf string' in a day!

Apart from the pig wrestling and the gales scuppering plans on Sunday, we all had a great time and hope to be back next year!


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