Thursday, 27 September 2012

Pony Power

   For those of you wondering where the ponies up on Enys Head have gone, don’t worry. They’ve just moved next door to Kildown Point.
   We had a great time moving them on Tuesday, getting very wet in the process as the weather fancied doing a bit of everything. In between glorious sunshine, the squalls would disappear out to sea as quickly as they came, giving us no time to put waterproofs on and leaving us sodden.
   The ponies were great fun and as good as gold to move, they followed Beth, a fellow full time volunteer (FTV), without hesitation (probably because she had a big bucket of pony nuts). As soon as they saw greener pastures however, they were off with a snort and a whinny, charging as fast as their stubby legs could carry them, even old saggy belly managed a fast trot from the back of the herd.
Having a good roll around while the others graze, Bass point is in the distance.
   It great to see the ponies in their new area, they’re looking really well and are loving the new grazing. A perfect partnership between man and beast! (especially if you have pony nuts). It’s all part of the big project to return the cliff tops to their former botanical state, allowing the many rarities to flourish again and, of course, to provide ideal habitat for our choughs.

We’ll keep you posted on the goings on of our Lovable Trustables, so keep an eye out and keep enjoying the outdoors!

See you soon peeps,
Ed (FTV).

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