Monday, 29 October 2012

Fine Farm Produce Awards 2012

Fine Farm Produce Awards 2012

Chyvarloe Farm

Pork Chipolata Sausages

The meat for the pork chipolata sausages comes from the pigs reared on Chyvarloe Farm in Cornwall by Paul and Charlotte Parfitt. The couple have only been farming for three years (the last two years at Chyvarloe) and keep 30 pigs (at any one time), 600 chickens and a 70 strong suckler herd.

Paul says: “We wanted to create a really meaty, great tasting sausage and have done this by ensuring that the whole of the animal goes into the sausage rather than just the usual ‘leftovers’ that many producers use. This gives a better quality sausage not only for taste, but also when cooking.”

The recipe for the sausage was devised by Paul’s wife Charlotte who used to work as a chef. She says: “We didn’t need to add many extra ingredients because the quality of the meat is so good. I’ve just added seasonings and a few secret ingredients to further enhance the flavour.”

Paul continues: “Winning the award is the highest level of endorsement we can get given what the National Trust stands for in terms of conservation and animal welfare

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The Fine Farm Produce Awards recognise the very best produce from National Trust tenant farms and estates. For more information visit:

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