Thursday, 1 November 2012

Winter holiday for Poltesco ponies

Our herd of seven hardy ponies have been doing a great job grazing the cliffs between Poltesco and Cadgwith over the last few months, opening up valuable habitat for rare plants on the rocky outcrops. However, today it was time for them to move on to pastures new at their winter grazing site at Chynhalls Point near Coverack. First thing in the morning, we ran them down off the cliffs, past Carleon House and into the Poltesco car park (with a little help from some tasty pony nuts as bribery!). There we met Mike the farrier who trimmed their hooves and assured us they were in good condition for a winter out on the cliffs. It then took four of us two journeys with the stock trailer and a few more pony nuts to transport the herd to Chynhalls, where they seemed very happy to have a new place to explore and lots of fresh grass to munch!

At their new site, the herd will be checked daily by NT staff and the volunteer stock checking group, however, if you have any questions or notice any problems, please call the Lizard rangers on 01326 291174.

We know a lot of people enjoyed seeing the ponies at Poltesco – don’t worry , they’ll be back next summer - or you could always go and pay them a visit at their winter retreat!


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