Friday, 12 April 2013

Going wild in the garden

Josh, Ceri and Anwen proudly showing off their nest boxes and bug hotels
In the Walled garden at Penrose on Wednesday we invited families to build nest boxes and bug hotels to take home for their gardens. Children made their nest boxes from scratch- they were armed with a piece of timber, a set of measurements, a measuring tape, a saw, and a hammer and nails. By the end of the day everyone had brushed up on their carpentry skills! The bug hotels required several pieces of bamboo bundled together to provide somewhere for insects, especially bumblebees to hibernate over winter. Open fronted nest boxes provide suitable nesting sites for robins and wrens.

There are many ways to encourage more wildlife through your garden gate. You can build a pond, plant insect friendly wild flowers or just leave a patch of your lawn un-mown. See what wildlife you get in your garden now then do some 'wildlife gardening' and see what a difference it makes.


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  1. Great project! The beaches nearest me have very few shells sadly. I'd love to do this!

    beach art


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