Monday, 29 April 2013

Stunning day at Kynance Cove.

One of the best days so far this year at Kynance...........

A walk out to the cliff produced this lovely contrasted view of the vibrant yellow gorse and the azure blue of the water in the cove. Taken as the tide dropped to it's lowest point of the day (low water today 14:45). Low tide is of course a great time to come to Kynance in order to be able to get onto the sand and safely view the beautiful Serpentine caves. Arm yourself with tide tables to avoid disappointment.

Whilst out at the view point I had the pleasure of engaging 4 visitors to the cove from Lancashire in conversation. I mentioned that it was a perfect day to see Adders at Kynance. They had never seen one, having visited the cove for 26 years. On my return to the car park, I took a brief detour into the narrow paths through the gorse and had the considerable pleasure of asking them to join me two minutes later to see their first Adder. Here he is, warming himself in the sunshine............

If you are fortunate enough to see one, leave them be and do not allow a dog to approach. Our advice at this time of year in particular is keep your dog on a lead and keep to well used paths when walking them. As demonstated by my Lancashire visitors, keeping to the main paths will rarely produce encounters. Heavy footed adults will cause the Adder the slip back into the undergrowth usually unseen, but a dog surprising one could result in it striking. They are particularly venomous at this time of year as they come out of hibernation.

As a footnote, the beautiful sight of the cove and the first sight of an Adder resulted in one of my visitors coming back to the Kynance Information Hut and joining the National Trust. By joining at Kynance, his subscription will help us keep Kynance as beautiful and unsploilt as it was today.

Andrew - Car Park Ranger - Kynance Cove.

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