Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Access all areas!

Hi everyone,

I'm Tom and I'm lucky enough to have just started working here as a Seasonal Access Ranger. I have joined the Lizard team having previously worked over in Penwith with the Trust there. I have been here for 3 weeks now and I'm enjoying every minute of it and I'm sure you will hear plenty from me on the blog. 

I'm going to be working with the full time and regular volunteers as well as groups on primarily access related projects and we have been quite busy already. To help me find my feet we have been working in the Poltesco valley close to the office and workshop on some small jobs that needed doing, but soon I will be venturing out onto the miles of coastpath that we look after around the peninsula. Much of my work will be centred around the damage that the winter weather has caused to our footpaths.

We have installed a couple of stone cross drains to help to protect the foundations of our awesome new bridge, a lot of water from 2 converging paths were being channelled towards the bridge and now it has been caught before it can get that far. The gullies have had a step placed at the bottom and then backfilled with larger stone underneath smaller surfacing material to allow good drainage and to hold the material in place. We have also patched up and strengthened the edges of the steps that were gullied out due to this water. 

The hedge next to our house had also collapsed into an important drainage ditch so I made a quick repair on that.

If you would like to know more about what I was previously doing in Penwith and on the life of volunteers in and out of work then you may like to check out the blog for West Cornwall


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