Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Two new homes for feathered friends

Our local barn owls will be spoiled for choice thanks to two new made to measure homes! Owl boxes have been put up in a large modern livestock barn on one of our tenanted farms on the Lizard, as a way to encourage the owls to stay and possibly even breed in future years. Owls have regularly been seen about the farm,  so we know they are keen on the neighbourhood. Must be a good supply of voles!
Many thanks to local barn owl experts Mark and Cat for their advice on positioning of the boxes, and to Matt and Edwin for supplying the new homes, as part of their wider voluntary work monitoring and encouraging barn owls on The Lizard.  Ranger Tom and volunteer Jenna put up two boxes in the same barn, because there are times when the male and female like to roost separately, and also so the pair can escape their young when they get to the noisy teenage phase, but still keep a watchful eye on them! 
We look forward to seeing who moves in!



  1. I am grateful to hear someone else has these feelings.I do understand.God bless you!!

    beach art

  2. I love barn owls, used to have a pair in our barn.


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