Friday, 17 October 2014

Black Head Lookout Refurbishment

If you are walking on the cliffs at Black Head and find yourself in need of shelter, why not stop at the Black Head lookout building? It is situated on stunning cliffs south west of Coverack, on a Peridotite outcrop 55 meters from the sea below.

New display boards at Black Head
Black Head has been home to a lookout point since 1811. Although there is a newer building present today, the original lookout was built during the Napoleonic wars. After being rebuilt in 1915, the lookout was used for coastguard operations until 1987. It was then left abandoned.

National Trust began basic restoration work on the lookout in 2011. We left many of the existing features of the building but had to put in new windows and a felt roof. We also gave the building a much-needed lick of paint. By repainting the lookout its original colour, white, it is now clearly visible on the cliff top making it a useful navigational aid for local fisherman. We also decided to add a couple of scratching posts to keep the cattle from rubbing on the corners of the building.

Window display at Black Head
Looking out onto one of Britain’s busiest shipping lanes, the views from Black Head are stunning. To the north the view encompasses Coverack Bay, out to Lowland Point and the Fal Estuary. To the south west you can see right across to Bass Point, the view includes Enys Head, Church Cove and the new lifeboat station at Kilcobben.

With peregrines, ravens, shags and several species of gull passing the cliffs below it is a great place to see wildlife. As well as the extraordinary flora, in the summer months, there is a good chance you could spot passing porpoise and dolphins.  It’s a popular place for basking sharks too.

If you have never been out to Black Head, we strongly recommend it, it’s well worth a visit. Let us know what you think -

- Darren

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