Monday, 28 January 2013

Students swap the classroom for the field

Geography students from the University of Exeter in Falmouth visited Chyvarloe Farm this morning to find out about Environmental Stewardship and Agri-environment schemes. This was the University's first visit to the farm and we hope many more will follow. Farmer Paul Parfitt took the students on a guided tour of the farmyard to meet the animals (including Boris the prize winning boar) before heading out to the fields.

This little piggie went to market...

Daffodil field with a buffer strip to allow wild flowers
to thrive on the farm
Paul showed the students how he manages the farm following the Higher Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England, for example planting up fallow fields with seed specifically to provide food for farmland birds over winter.

Work is currently ongoing to transform one of the farmyard buildings into an education space to improve the facilities for school and college groups. The work is due to be completed in March and along with Chyvarloe bunkhouse will provide groups with accommodation and a venue to base farm visits around. 

Don't forget to follow Chyvarloe Farm's facebook page to keep up to date with news and events:


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  1. Great project! The beaches nearest me have very few shells sadly. I'd love to do this!

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