Thursday, 17 January 2013

We're really pleased to announce that the National Trust has granted a tenancy to Rona and Nevil Amiss who are currently farming a small farm in Devon.

We had over 600 downloads of the tenancy details from our website and welcomed a good number of farmers to an open day in the middle of October where they could look around the farm, meet us and members of the Lizard Onions and Courtyard group as well as local representatives from Natural England the NFU and the RSPB. We received more than a dozen applications and in the end interviewed four farmers for the new tenancy.

We are really pleased that Rona and Nevil and their five children will be joining us on the Lizard and we think they will do a fantastic job of looking after Tregullas and working with the community to make the most of what the farm has to offer. They are currently running a successful farm in Devon and are looking to make the progression from what they now do to create a full time mixed farm and home at Tregullas for their family. The principle farm business will be an arable and grass based beef and sheep farm relying on low input systems and good soil management. In addition, an existing duck egg and meat goat business will be transferred to Tregullas and they are keen to explore vegetable growing and small scale poultry enterprises locally.

Rona and Nevil are really keen to work with the groups that were created as part of the consultation and I will be introducing them to these groups in the coming months. In the meantime, Tregullas will be farmed through temporary tenancies until September this year.

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