Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Swallows Sign the End of Summer

So many of our migrant birds have already moved south for the winter and large gathering of Swallows are lining telegraph wires everywhere, a sure sign that summer is coming to an end.  

 There are still plenty of birds to be found on the peninsula however, tail patterns of Wheatear's and Whinchat's can be seen as thay feed on the edge of the heath and along the coast. Or in the sheltered wooded valleys you may be lucky to see a Spotted Fly Catcher show boating the real art of catching insects in flight. 

This photograph of a Sandwich Terns diving from height catching sand eels around the sheltered bays of the Lizard was taken last week and this gem of a rarity, the Red Backed Shrike, was seen just last weekend in the scrub along the Kynance toll road enjoying some late September sun.

Happy Birding. 


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  1. When you see a migrant bird it is intersting and lucky to see one and we got lucky seeing about 100 pink footed geese at one and when in cornwall did not see many birds or where we live hope to see more next year


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