Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bulwark Residents make the difference

How does an email about Geo-caching end up with a skip full of rubbish ?

Simple really. Graham Cook, a Bulwark resident in Helston got in touch to ask if it was ok to put out some new geo-caches around Penrose. A few weeks later Graham got back in touch to see if a group from the Residents Association could organise a day in the neighbouring woods (which the Trust own part of - hence the original contact) to clear rubbish and fly tipping.

So we agreed a date, organised a skip to be delivered close by (thanks to the the generous loan of a driveway for a few days), and with fair weather and wind set about the task in hand.....

Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of everyone who came out to help a huge amount was achieved. Rubbish cleared, old barbed wire fences removed, a blocked footpath opened up over well over half way......and in no small part to the youngsters who came to investigate what was happening - and then stayed most of the day helping out !

We are working with Graham to set another date to carry on the good work, clear another section of path, look at where a few benches can be put in to let people enjoy the greats views across Helston.

Thanks to everyone who set this up and made such a positive result. More posts to follow on future work in the near future.


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