Monday, 27 June 2011

Surviving the wilds of Predannack

Navigating from Mullion

Mullion School 'surfers' (year 6's) joined Justin and myself on Thursday for a day fo bushcraft and survival in the wildreness of Predannack.

They sat out from school with maps and compasses and led thier way across country to the destination. Once there, they were faced with the challenges of survival when stranded in the wild. One of the first and most important things they decided was to make shelter. Between groups they created a real range of different shelters using natural materials and were later tested for durability by our head ranger, Justin. The Tipi design was the strongest and withstood the strngth test of him climbing to the top of it!

The tipi design proved the strongest
Next they began solving the problem of food and warmth. They had a go at various fire lighting techniques using a range of things you could have on you if stuck in the wild. Some were relly successful and others have yet to prove themselves such as a chocolate finger and a beer can! After none of us surviving the foraging game of 'starve, poison or survive' we decided that toasted marshmallows were by far the more palatable option!


Toasting marshmallows!

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