Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Digging deep for wildlife

Our new wildlife ponds are taking shape at Grochall Nature Reserve, close to Kynance on the Lizard. Take a peep at the video to see digger poetry in motion! Thanks to Olivia Dale, our artist in residence for her nifty time lapse photography, and Andy Tylor for his expertise on the excavator.

The ponds have been funded by the Million Ponds Project supported by Biffaward, which is aiming to increase the number of ponds in the British landscape, for the benefit of wildlife.

We're doing our bit, with 8 new ponds in total in the fields at Grochall, which we hope will attract dragonflies, water beetles, wading birds and more. Many of the ponds are shallow, which will mean they will dry out in summer. This isn't a design fault though! Such temporary ponds are a Lizard speciality and support some extremely rare plants, such as pygmy rush and yellow centaury.

It's an exciting project, and we'll watch with great interest in the coming months as the ponds gradually fill with water and nature moves in. Our neighbours at Windmill Farm nature reserve have also recently completed new ponds, and we plan to reinstate a long lost pool on Predannack airfield next winter. All in all, a great leap forward for watery wildlife on the Lizard.


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